Bible Study

River Valley steps right out of the box with this one. Bible study here is meant to hit you at home. No rigid curriculum. No stuffy teacher/student separation. No agenda except one: to help you find answers in God's Word. Have a question about your faith? Bring it. Need help from the Word to face struggles in life? We'll find it. Maybe you just want to know the God you serve better- we're here for that too. Join us.

Who we are...

A Gathering Place

We are a Spirit-filled ministry, we join together in contemporary/modern worship, learn about God's kingdom through the Word, enter into prayer for needs from individual to global, are refreshed by the presence of the LORD, we strive to serve one another in love, and pursue our destiny in the Lord.

A Fellowship of Believers

We are a group of people who have made an agreement among ourselves and to our God to live according to the Word of God and in unity.

Children's Church

    Having trouble getting the kids excited to come to church? Let's face it, not all of our kids are ready to sit through a 45 minute sermon without figuring out new and creative ways to make their presence known and command their parent's attention.

For the little ones...

    Need a little peace during the worship service? Our nursery/toddler ministry lets you spend valuable time with other Christian adults while your infants and toddlers are being cared for by our trained staff. Age appropriate fun, games, and even naps are available- just be sure to register your child with us so that we can reach you in the service if necessary.

Women's Ministry

Feeling burned out and pulled in too many directions? Join us for the women's fellowship events at River Valley Christian Center- a place where we celebrate the central role women play both in the church and the world around it. Our women's fellowship events are designed to encourage and uplift women and to give them the Godly support they need as they work to balance faith, family, and careers in today's busy world.

Men's Fellowship


River Valley Christian Center recognizes the important role that Godly men play making

a difference in the world. We do this by creating space for men to connect and share

with one another. Our BAND OF BROTHERS gets together for a variety of activities

every month that give men the chance to fellowship and strengthen each other in their

spiritual journey as they become mature disciples of Jesus Christ. These times are

Youth Ministry

For too long church has been a place for adults to have fellowship, without providing young adults with the tools they need to keep their faith at the center of their lives. As the challenges facing our children seem to grow daily, here at River Valley Christian Center we have created a fresh environment in which young adults can learn, share, and grow together.

Servant Leaders

Servant leaders are critical to making church "happen". They operate behind the scenes mixing sound, managing the nursery, getting ready for that fellowship breakfast- and the work that they do enables the rest of us to enjoy the fruit of their labor. Want to help? Think you have what it takes? Join in, and see first hand how it is better to give than to receive.