Who We Are

A Gathering Place

We are a Spirit-filled ministry, we join together in contemporary/modern worship, learn about God's kingdom through the Word, enter into prayer for needs from individual to global, are refreshed by the presence of the LORD, we strive to serve one another in love, and pursue our destiny in the Lord.


A word from our Lead Pastor, Mark Taylor

A Fellowship of Believers

We are a group of people who have made an agreement among ourselves and to our God to live according to the Word of God and in unity.

A Non-denominational Body

We are a body whose head is the Lord Jesus Christ. We are a body that passionately loves God, and are learning to passionately love people. We believe that the Bible is an amazing love story written to us by a loving, compassionate, merciful, holy God. His love was ultimately revealed in His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as He not only died on the cross, but was also resurrected by the glorious power of the Father, the Holy Spirit. We believe that it is the Holy Spirit who was promised to us to change us into the image of Jesus Christ, that He would be the first born among many brothers and sisters. We believe that His kingdom is ever-increasing and that we are called and empowered to live a holy, righteous life, full of joy, peace, kindness, and blessing.