Hearts in Action’s vision is to take God’s Word, power and provision to children and youth in the nations. We aim to raise the coming generations strong in the Lord by creating and teaching educational programs that develop and strengthen children and youth, soul spirit, and body.

Young people are the axis of this organization, its priority and on a global scale, the prime target for outreach and discipleship. Crossing borders, cultures and denominational lines, Hearts in Action has a unique grace to share the importance of children and teach them to have a relationship with the living God.

HIA provides schools and churches with vision and tools to train children to the live godly lives and increase their Bible literacy. HIA offers inspirational seminars, adventure camps, Bible clubs, feeding programs, dynamic school activities and mission projects. We are also undertaking micro business ventures to stimulate the economy in the countries where we are working while raising awareness of the importance of conserving valuable natural resources.